I would like to remove by filtering "Filter *" a massive rules. Have this command but can't run correctly

Remove-InboxRule -Mailbox user@domain.com -Identity 'Filter *' -Confirm:$false

Is it possible?


If I'm reading this correctly you want to remove all rules from a mailbox. The identity parameter doesn't allow for wildcards, so in that regard there is no filtering capability. -Identity does support pipeline input, so you can however pipe the results of Get-InboxRule:

Get-Mailbox user@domain.com | Get-InboxRule | Remove-InboxRule -WhatIf


Get-InboxRule -Mailbox user@domain.com | Remove-InboxRule -WhatIf

You can insert additional filtering via a Where clause between Get-InboxRule and Remove-InboxRule:


Get-Mailbox user@domain.com | Get-InboxRule | Where{$_.MoveToFolder -eq "Junk E-Mail"} | Remove-InboxRule -WhatIf

I have to caution you that any rules that had been un-checked in Outlook will get deleted any time you change rules from the shell I've worked on this a lot in the past and the only API that seems not to have this issue is the Outlook Object Model. ESM, EWS, CDO & RDO (deprecated as they are) all have the same issue. So if you are just trying to wipe everything you're good, but if you're filtering first, exercise caution.

  • But it's possible to remove filters start with 'Filter *' for example "Filter one, Filer 2, Filter 3,..."? – Guif If Dec 4 at 8:04
  • The -InboxRule cmdlets lack filtering capabilities. -Identity doesn't support "" or multiple values, which might have looked similar to your last comment. No -Filter Param either Unfortunately leveraging the pipe is the best alternative I see. Check: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/mailboxes/… Note: These cmdlets aren't fast, but I can't describe that in a comment. – Steven Dec 4 at 16:48

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