Recently I made a fresh install of Windows 10 and Delphi 2007.

On Windows mouse settings, I configured the vertical mouse wheel to scroll 5 lines.

Everything is working fine EXCEPT for the fact that when I'm in IDE editor, the mouse scroll wheel will behave in a unexpected way. It works OK when I scroll up, but when I scroll down, it will scroll very fast to the end of the file.

It may look like a trivial problem, but actually it is very annoying, because I use the mouse scroll wheel a lot to navigate in the editor, especially down, to find parts of the code, and instead of scrolling 5 lines, it scrolls a lot more, maybe 50...

The problem happens ONLY on the Delphi's IDE. If I open a file in Notepad, for instance, the scrolling works fine in both directions.

Is there any known bug related to this issue? Any fixes?


Well, there is evidently an issue with the mouse wheel which manifests itself when running under Parallels - see here

talking to the very helpful Parallels support, the problem is with 'smooth scrolling' implemented. When this is turned off, the editor in Delphi works fine. This apparently does happen with some programs and seems to be a Delphi problem rather than Parallels.

Also, for adjusting scroll-wheel sensitivity generally in Win10 see https://www.thewindowsclub.com/change-mouse-scroll-speed-windows

which says to go to Settings | Devices | Mouse & Touchpad and there are controls to set whether the mouse wheel scrolls a page at a time or multiple lines and another, a slider, to choose how many lines to scroll.

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