I'm using Delphi 2007.

I know i can use the .locate method of a TClientDataSet to locate a record, like this:


But let's say i want to locate any record with 'John' containing on its name, something as

name like '%John%'

would do in a regular SQL expression.

Is this possible using the .locate method ?

It seems the [loPartialKey] works as starting with instead of containing.


In .Locate, loPartialKey matches from the first character in the field value, so you can't do what you want using only .Locate.

However, the Filter property of TClientDataSet can contain like, as in setting the CDS's Filter property to

AField like '%w%'  // matches all AField values containing `w`

or, in code,

  ClientDataset1.Filtered := False;
  ClientDataset1.Filter :=  'AField like ' + QuotedStr('%' + edFilter.Text + '%');
  ClientDataset1.Filtered := True;

so you may be able to use the filter to narrow down the number of rows and use Locate to find a specfic one, or simply iterate over the filtered rows to find the exact one you want.

  • Are you sure about AField? – Sami Dec 3 at 20:49
  • @Sami: Yes, AField being the field's name. It certainly works in D7. – MartynA Dec 3 at 20:52
  • Yup, I know what did you mean but it should be a string 'FieldName' and you should also use QuotedStr() for '%w%'. Something like := 'AField like ' + QuotedStr('%w%'); – Sami Dec 3 at 20:55
  • @Sami, sorry, what I quoted, w/o quotes around AField works fine if entered using the propertt editor. Thanks foir catching that. I can't immediately see that QuotedStr would mae any difference on the RHS, but it's been a long day. – MartynA Dec 3 at 21:00
  • I suppose you're tired :). but a Filter property is a string, so when you pass the string as you're suggesting, then it'll be 'AField LIKE %w%'. Is that valid? – Sami Dec 3 at 21:11

No. On the first part can be partially matched. As mention in the help for "Using Locate".

Locate moves the cursor to the first row matching a specified set of search criteria. In its simplest form, you pass Locate the name of a column to search, a field value to match, and an options flag specifying whether the search is case-insensitive or if it can use partial-key matching. (Partial-key matching is when the criterion string need only be a prefix of the field value.) For example, the following code moves the cursor to the first row in the CustTable where the value in the Company column is "Professional Divers, Ltd.":

  LocateSuccess: Boolean;
  SearchOptions: TLocateOptions;
  SearchOptions := [loPartialKey];
  LocateSuccess := CustTable.Locate('Company', 'Professional Divers, Ltd.', SearchOptions);

ref: Delphi online documentation: Using Locate


LocateRecord internally uses DSCursor.LocateWithFilter so I believe it's possible to write custom method doing what you want

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