I am trying to automate screenshots after a click on Windows .. so grab initial screenshot; click and then take another screenshot click and so on .. and do this for a specified amount of times.

I am able to generate the list of image files but the 'im' variable is not updating .. it saves the same image as image_1 onto image_2. Any idea what am I doing wrong here?

import pyscreenshot as imageGrab
import pyautogui
for i in range(1,3):

        im = imageGrab.grab(bbox=(0,170,2179,787))
        pyautogui.click(2321,133,duration=3) # Next image
  • Fascinating. This code crashes hard when run from PyCharm on a Mac. When run from the console it does not save even 1 image for me. As far as I know this only works on Windows. if this is the case perhaps mention this in your post. – Pullie Dec 3 at 21:17
  • Thx. I updated it. – RC1 Dec 3 at 21:25

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