I can figure out how to see who it was last updated by, but I'm looking for a list of Jira Tickets that has been updated by someone at any point during the week. Even if someone else updated it afterwards.

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I'm not sure if you're referring to Jira Server/DC or Jira Cloud. For on-premise solutions, here is my answer.

Jira 7.x and lower

There are no JQL functions to get this information. With out-of-the-box functions, you can actually get information only about status changes by a certain user or query history of certain system fields - see Aaron's answer.

status changed by currentUser() AFTER startOfWeek()
assignee was currentUser() AFTER startOfWeek()
assignee was currentUser() AFTER startOfWeek() AND updated > startOfWeek()

With ScriptRunner installed, you will have more JQL functions available and you can get more information about worklogs and comments:

issueFunction in commentedBy("username after startOfWeek()")
issueFunction in workLogged("by username after startOfWeek()")

Similarly with JQL Tricks add-on (documentation).

Jira 8+

Atlassian has added (limited) support after 15 years (!) of requesting this feature (JRASERVER-1973). There is the new JQL function updatedBy.

issue in updatedBy(username)
issue in updatedBy(username, -7w)

Unfortunately, this JQL function is unable to work with relative functions (currentUser(), startOfWeek()).

See more information about this JQL function in Atlassian Documentation.


Depends on what changes you are looking for. Jira does have limited support for search functions on history enabled fields (specifically: Assignee, Fix Version, Priority, Reporter, Resolution and Status)

Meaning you could do a search similar to:

status changed by "replace_user_name_here" AFTER startOfWeek();

There would be ways to restrict workflows to automatically update one of those fields if you needed a wider net of changes caught by the history (i.e. have comments trigger changes of status as a part of a business logic), but that would be up to the configuration of your business's logic and how you intend to utilize the history field.

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