I am wondering how one can get a specific map in a list from a value inside the map. For example, if I have:

List<Map> aList = [{'id':'1'},{'id':'8'},{'id':'31'}];

How can I get the Map whose id == 8?

I am trying it on DartPad, but I always get an error when assigning the result to a List and have found no answers on how to properly assign a WhereIterable to a List.

void main() {
  List map = [
    {'id':'pez', 'num': 25},
    {'id':'lava', 'num': 3},
    {'id':'mar', 'num': 81},
    {'id':'pan', 'num': 33},
    {'id':'lava', 'num': 73},

  List otherMap = map.where((item) => item['id'] == 'mar');
Uncaught Error: TypeError: Instance of 'WhereIterable<dynamic>': type 'WhereIterable<dynamic>' is not a subtype of type 'List<dynamic>'

One must use the .toList() method after where()

List otherMap = map.where((item) => item['id'] == 'mar').toList();

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