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I have 256 x 8 text file, i want to fetch it into np array(256,8), with int cast

    import numpy as np
    import cv2.cv2 as cv2
    import math
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


then i get this error: could not convert string to float: '200.35,159.32,200.35,113.74,245.48,113.74,245.48,159.32'

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    The default delimiter in loadtxt is white space, not comma. – hpaulj Dec 3 at 23:45

You need to split the strings into its separate values. loadtxt has a parameter that does this:

np.loadtxt(fname='data.txt', delimiter=',')

This splits each row at the comma so that each number can be read as a separate value.

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    Welcome to Stack Overflow! As a suggestion, consider linking to the relevant docs so that users can see up-to-date information about the keyword args and know where to find information later :) – alkasm Dec 4 at 1:23

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