Not a coding question as I am trying to do the initial research top figure where to start.

I am not (at this stage) looking fior coding help, although any examples would be a great help.

I am looking for some hints and tips on where to start with writing software to do the following:

  1. AppA runs on DeviceA, and wants to access the user's Google Drive/DropBox using OAuth2. AppA is a Qt/C++ app,
  2. AppA requests a QR Code from WebServer. The WebServer can be a PHP/Java web app.
  3. WebServer responds with a QR Code back to AppA on DeviceA
  4. AppB runs on PhoneB. AppB is a Qt/C++ app,
  5. The user has his/her Google/DropBox account on PhoneB.
  6. AppB on PhoneB scans the QR code displayed on DeviceA.
  7. AppB requests a OAuth2 token from the WebServer.
  8. AppA on DeviceA is meantime polling WebServer for a token that matches it's QR Code tag.
  9. WebServer matches the token for Appb/PnoneB with the request from AppA/DeviceA, and send the token to AppA.
  10. AppA gets the token, and can now connect to Google Drive.

I've been reading the starter guides but I have to admit I am getting confused between all the terminology. I suppose what I want is similar to how WhatsApp web works.

If someone could spell out what the correct forms of OAuth I need are with perhaps which libraries to start with I could make a stab at coding this.

Please note, I would prefer to avoid big frameworks like Spring ... I would prefer to if possible do the simplest implementation. I always find Spring troublesome at some point and avoid, but if that is teh only way to achieve this then please let me know.

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