See: https://travis-ci.org/Jeff-Tian/tplant/jobs/620447627

I have configured the api_key with

api_key: $NPM_TOKEN

and I am sure that the NPM_TOKEN was set and it can be verified by the echo command: enter image description here enter image description here

So who can help investigate where goes wrong?

The full travis ci config can be checked here:



Finally found this thread: https://travis-ci.community/t/no-stash-entries-found-missing-api-key-failed-to-deploy/6029

And fixed by changing the travis.yml as per: https://github.com/Jeff-Tian/tplant/commit/0695ab29bff76a9da3300f549df32d10e4295daf

And opted out from beta by:

enter image description here


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