I'm using HTTP::UserAgent to try and use GitHub API from a program. Here's the program

use HTTP::UserAgent;

my $greeting = (%*ENV<BODY> ~~ /[Mm]erry/)??%*ENV<GREETING>!!%*ENV<HEY>;
my $url = "https://api.github.com/repos/JJ/raku-advent-calendar-article-2019/issues/%*ENV<ISSUE>/comments";
my %headers = Authorization => "token %*ENV<TOKEN>" ;
my %payload = body => $greeting;
my $agent = HTTP::UserAgent.new( useragent => "JJ's Xmas commenter" );
say $agent.post( $url, %payload,
                 Authorization => "token %*ENV<TOKEN>",
                 Content-Type  => "application/json" );

If the content-type is not established, there's a malformed JSON error. If it's used, however, the error is different: 422 Unprocessable Entity. When using curl or similar, you can usually post directly the JSON string, but post in this case does not admit single strings, or if it's a form, I have no idea what to use as key. Can you please help?

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