I want to know if log4j2 has found my configuration file or the errors it encountered while looking for it. Basically, I want to see log4j2's own logs.

I'm actually trying to put the (non-standard) log file name and location in web.xml as described here and I want to know why its not getting picked up

Here's my web.xml



(Additional info: Why I need to do all this is because I want to give a custom name to my log4j2.xml file and I cannot do that in application.properties using the logging.file property because I have a custom name for application.properties itself, and with a custom name, the logging.file property isn't loaded by Spring in time for the logging to start)

P.S: If I don't rename the log4j2.xml file, it gets picked up without a problem.

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I want to see log4j2's own logs.

You can set the logging level of the logger to TRACE with help of run configs:


Source: here (scroll to "Status Messages")

Before a configuration is found, status logger level can be controlled with system property

The output displays explicitly what config files are searched and where. Please, be aware that there is no ouput, if a file was successfully found, it just stops searching as soon as one was found.

To proof this works, just add a dummy log4j2.properties - log4j2 should stop searching any config file after that, meaning the filename searched for last is the one that was found.

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