I have below json object,

"products": [{
        "type": "HR_ECLAIM",
        "name": "HR Claims",
        "is_fixed_price": true,
        "price": 500.5,
        "currency": "MYR",
        "status": "true"
        "type": "HR_ELEAVE",
        "name": "HR Leave",
        "is_fixed_price": true,
        "price": 500,
        "currency": "MYR",
        "status": "false"
        "type": "FIN_ADVISORY",
        "name": "Finance Advisory",
        "is_fixed_price": false,
        "currency": "MYR",
        "status": "true"
"total_invoices": "100-600",
"total_staffs": "500-400",
"google_drive_url": "https:\/\/drive.google.com\/open?id=1Is6QsnuMLu9ZIpqeEzR2O2Ve1wUyF92aVCg55kWsOgc",
"remark": "",
"status": "pending"

I want to remove all the products that have status = 'false'

I some how fix above problem using below code. but,

$orders = (new Agos())->load($id);
        $json = $orders->data;
        $json = json_decode($json);

foreach($json->products as $k=>$v) {
        foreach ($json->products[$k] as $key=>$value) {
            if ($key === "status" && $value === "false") {

            json_encode($value, true);


and it return output like this,

{"products":{"0":{"type":"HR_ECLAIM","name":"HR Claims","is_fixed_price":true,"price":500.5,"currency":"MYR","status":"true"},"2":{"type":"FIN_ADVISORY","name":"Finance Advisory","is_fixed_price":false,"currency":"MYR","status":"true"}},"total_invoices":"100-600","total_staffs":"500-400","google_drive_url":"https:\/\/drive.google.com\/open?id=1Is6QsnuMLu9ZIpqeEzR2O2Ve1wUyF92aVCg55kWsOgc","remark":"","status":"pending"}

can someone helps to remove 0 and 2 from products output.

Can some one helps me to fix this?

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    Why do you say: remove products where status === false and then you close your question saying: can someone helps to remove 0 and 2 from products output. these have status === true, don't they?
    – jibsteroos
    Dec 5, 2019 at 20:27
  • yes i need to remove status = false but after update code run it change original json output with 0 and 2 index in products that i need to remove from output Dec 5, 2019 at 20:28

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I'm not sure if json_output['order_info']['products'] is correct as there is no order_info in the JSON data in your question, but just assuming that this part is correct.

The main issue is your unset() is just unsetting the value used in the foreach loop and not removing anything from the original array. So if you use the original array and the index you have in the loop, you should be able to remove the items with false


In your output, you have true as the second parameter to json_encode - this should be some form of option and not just true - something like JSON_PRETTY_PRINT.


After the code edit in your question, the new version should be something like...

foreach($json->products as $index => $product) {
    if ( $product->status == "false") {
$json->products = array_values($json->products);
echo json_encode($json, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);

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