I'm not sure and got the feeling that the answer is somewhere here but I can't find it ...

Well, I want to get a list of all the files that are in the same directory as the web page. The objective is to print them.

For now, I found out how to get the address of the HTML file. See :

<!DOCTYPE html>

        <Title>All files</Title>

        Link list
        <ul id="List">
            <!-- <li><a href="Example.zip">Example.zip</a></li> -->


            var locarray = window.location.href.split("/");
            delete locarray[(locarray.length - 1)];
            var ActualPath = locarray.join("/");

            console.log("We are in : " + ActualPath);

            // TODO : fill the 'files' array

             files.forEach(file => {


Thanks for spending time on this question

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After a certain time. I can now say that it is impossible. You have to use some server-side language like PHP or JS with a framework under Node.js.


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