I search google for this question but i did not find any solution for that.

I want to save parameter value to database. this parameter send by url.

for example: http://simple-beach-416.heroku.com/code/restserver?fname=cv

I want to save fname value(here "cv") to database. how can i do that?


Make a model for it? This is very vague... but define a model called Fname and give it the attribute "value"


Fname.create(:value => params[:fname])

I think this is where you're going, yeah?

  • Thanks a lot. I generate a controller and a method on that, and call create model method with parameter: def add_item Pers1.create(:fname => params[:fn], :lname => params[:ln]) render :text => "Success!" end – Abolfazl Mahmoodi May 7 '11 at 13:28

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