I cannot create a project in IBM Watson Studio for an online course (sponsored by IBM by the way). I keep getting this error:

"You can only have one instance of a Lite plan per service. To create a new instance, either delete your existing Lite plan instance or select a paid plan".

I am performing the following steps:

1.Watson Studio
2.Create (Lite Plan Option)
3.Get Started
4.Create Project
5.Create Empty Project
6.Select Storage Service --> Here I get the error message

I need to create a Jupyter Notebook in IBM Watson Studio in order to complete the course.

I've deleted the Watson instance and started from scratch several times. I have also created a new account and tried the solutions posted on this forum for similar cases, without success.

Thank you in advance for your help

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Looks like you have Lite account on IBM Cloud and here's the limitation with the account type

You can provision one instance of any service in the IBM Cloud catalog that has a Lite plan.

You can check What's available with your Lite account of IBM Cloud here.

You may have to delete the other service provisioned under Lite plan before creating the Cloud Object Storage service or you can choose the Standard plan of Cloud Object storage service.

To check the Lite services which you already created in your account, navigate to Resource list. You may have to delete

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