I am trying to create a microservice application, which depends on my net module which contains general errors (so i don't have to "replicate" them across all of my modules).

The issue is that for some reason it is able to find the module, but then telling me that the modules has no package (the net module does not have the main.go file, since it is just a group of files which are used across other projects)

go: finding github.com/USERNAME/net latest
build github.com/USERNAME/micro-helix: cannot load github.com/USERNAME/net: module github.com/USERNAME/net@latest found (v0.0.0-20191209010811-97a65ac0928c), but does not contain package github.com/USERNAME/net

And here is the go.mod file containing all the necessary requirements (as far as i am concerned):

module github.com/USERNAME/micro-helix

go 1.13

require (
    github.com/USERNAME/net v0.0.0-20191209010811-97a65ac0928c
    github.com/USERNAME/service v0.0.0-20191209005400-57ee0eb02082
    github.com/golang/protobuf v1.3.2
    github.com/hashicorp/consul/api v1.3.0 // indirect
    github.com/micro/go-micro v1.17.1
    github.com/micro/go-plugins v1.5.1 // indirect
    github.com/nats-io/nats-streaming-server v0.16.2 // indirect
    github.com/nats-io/stan.go v0.5.2 // indirect
    github.com/nicklaw5/helix v0.5.4
    github.com/spf13/viper v1.5.0 // indirect

The go.mod file for the net module is as simple as:

module github.com/USERNAME/net

go 1.13

If you need any further clarification, i am here to provide. I know that this might be some rookie mistake (misconfiguration) but this is my first week actually trying to write something in Go.

Update #1

This is the structure of the github.com/USERNAME/net module

        -   error.go            // github.com/USERNAME/net/errors
        -   code.go             // github.com/USERNAME/net/errors
        -   error.pb.go         // github.com/USERNAME/net/proto
        -   response.pb.go      // github.com/USERNAME/net/proto
    go.mod                      // module github.com/USERNAME/net
  • What package name do the go files of module net declare? Dec 9, 2019 at 2:07
  • @BurakSerdar i have updated the question with the structure of the net module, i hope it helps, if not, could you please elaborate on your question as i am a bit confused
    – darki73
    Dec 9, 2019 at 2:10
  • How are you getting this error? Are you running go get? or did you import one of the packages in net, and running a go build? Dec 9, 2019 at 2:23
  • @BurakSerdar first of all, i've written the net module and pushed it to github, then i moved to the other application which is using the net, and i've installed it using the go get -u github.com/USERNAME/net, the thing is, second application is perfectly fine with importing the files (i can Shift + RClick on the file name in Goland and go the the net implementation), but the build fails with the error in the question
    – darki73
    Dec 9, 2019 at 2:25
  • 1
    The error implies that somewhere you have an import "github.com/USERNAME/net", which isn't going to work since github.com/USERNAME/net contains no Go source files. I would search all your source for github.com/USERNAME/net and make sure you aren't trying to import that directly anywhere, that you're only importing packages under it.
    – Adrian
    Dec 9, 2019 at 15:17

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Probably you've imported your module from some of *.go files in github.com/USERNAME/micro-helix as github.com/USERNAME/net.

You must import all of subpackages (which you use in that file) by there full paths like

import (

I had a similar issue and the problem was that I had checked my code into master, but another branch was set as the default branch in the main git repo. Changing the default branch to master fixed it for me, but YMMV.

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