What does "?." syntax do in Dart language? I have here an example from Flutter's scaffold.dart code:


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It's a null safe operator.

Use ?. when you want to call a method/getter on an object IF that object is not null (otherwise, return null).


Call open() only if it's not null.

More info: https://medium.com/@thinkdigitalsoftware/null-aware-operators-in-dart-53ffb8ae80bb


To guard access to a property or method of an object that might be null, put a question mark (?) before the dot (.):


The preceding code is equivalent to the following:

(myObject != null) ? myObject.anyProperty: null

You can chain multiple uses of ?. together in a single expression:


The preceding code returns null (and never calls anyMethod()) if either myObject or myObject.anyProperty is null.

For more, read offcial docs,

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