I'm trying to insert a string into another string like you would with append() but rather than at the end I'd like to put it before the occurrence of ".xlsx".

    string docName;
    docName = "../Toyota Tacoma " + customer.toStdString() + " .xlsx";
    if(sold = true){
        docName = docName.append("(sold)");

This code just appends "(sold)" after ".xlsx"

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    My guess would be that sold = true is supposed to be sold == true. Or just if(sold) – Blaze Dec 9 '19 at 7:38
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    Also docName.append() will already append to the string, no need to assign it to docName again. – Blaze Dec 9 '19 at 7:40

Simply rewrite the code a bit, such that you do not have to insert at all:

string docName;
docName = "../Toyota Tacoma " + customer.toStdString();
if(sold == true){
    docName += "(sold)";
docName += ".xlsx";

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