I'm trying to make a custom cursor setter. You can customize cursors in CSS, so I went there first.

html {
cursor: url(MY URL GOES HERE), auto !important;

It works at this point. However, I want the average user to be able to enter an image URL and see the cursor change to that. I decided to use JavaScript to do that.

function customCursor() {
var v1 = prompt("Enter the image URL you want to be your mouse cursor.");
var style = document.createElement('style'); 
style.innerHTML = `html {cursor:url(` + v1 + `);  }  `; 

However, it doesn't work. I checked the current page HTML with Firebug, and the tag is added. And when I use JavaScript to add it manually, it works. So why would it not work?
I also made sure to keep the images I chose below 128x128.

  • I suppose it doesn't work because the cursor you previously manually set has !important. Then if the css is properly added into the head it can't win because the other declaration has a greater css specificity. Try to remove !important (or add it also in the style injected) – fcalderan Dec 9 at 12:52

After massive changes to the code, it still is not working. However, I now understand a reason why (by using devtools to read what was actually being added):
Instead of dynamically using my variable, it was treating the variable name as the URL itself. This makes this question mostly irrelevant.

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    This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. - From Review – peterh says reinstate Monica Dec 9 at 11:06

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