I am using the vis library to visualize data and I want to redirect the user to a certain code block within java after pressing a button. I am using the following code from the library to process a button click:

s = "test";
b = box(text(str () { return s; }),
    onMouseDown(bool (int butnr, map[KeyModifier,bool] modifiers) {
        s = "<butnr>";
        return true;

After the user clicks the button I want him to be redirected to a certain java code block in eclipse (just like what happens when you get a parse error of some sorts within the terminal). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have the feeling there is a bug in onMouseDown, but if that works than the public void edit(loc file) function in util::Editors is your friend.

The editor will open and the selection will be set around the offset and length targeted by the location. If you use a logical location like java+method://... you must register the m3 model first for this to work. This is a standard side effect of createM3FromEclipseProject but otherwise check out analysis::m3::Registry to make those locations resolve to a hard file plus offset.

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