I feel I have overseen something but I'm unable to find the appropriate section on https://github.com/helm/chartmuseum

How can I download helm chart package (.tgz) from Helm ChartMuseum (using curl, wget or any other cli)?

Helm must use that API to download requirements, but somehow I can't find the information in the ChartMuseum readme...


Using helm v3:

helm repo add stable https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/
helm repo update
helm pull stable/chartmuseum --untar # optionally untar
  • Note that there is a typo in the name of the chart – GeraldScott Dec 31 '20 at 14:54

Get it with curl:

curl https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/chartmuseum-2.5.0.tgz --output chartmuseum-2.5.0.tgz

All the packages from stable repo are here:


The latest version of chartmuseum to date is here:


The helm chart of chart museum on GitHub:


  • Believe this answer is now non-functional, getting access denied and I think the site has changed. – joedragons Mar 17 at 22:01

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