Steps to reproduce the problem:

$ yarn create nuxt-app nuxt-project1

$ cd nuxt-project1

$ yarn dev

This is the error:

No rules found within configuration. Have you provided a "rules" property?

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    You probably want cd nuxt-project1 for step #2 though typically trying cd yarn nuxt-project1 would result in "bash: cd: too many arguments" – Phil Dec 10 '19 at 4:07

you need to add some rules to your stylelint.config.js file for example: taken from the https://stylelint.io/user-guide/configuration website

  "rules": {
    "block-no-empty": null,
    "color-no-invalid-hex": true,
    "comment-empty-line-before": [ "always", {
      "ignore": ["stylelint-commands", "after-comment"]
    } ],
    "declaration-colon-space-after": "always",
    "indentation": ["tab", {
      "except": ["value"]
    "max-empty-lines": 2,
    "rule-empty-line-before": [ "always", {
      "except": ["first-nested"],
      "ignore": ["after-comment"]
    } ],
    "unit-whitelist": ["em", "rem", "%", "s"]

I solved simply adding rules property to styleling.config.js.



module.exports = {
  // add your custom config here
  // https://stylelint.io/user-guide/configuration
  rules: {},

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