Where is the kernel symbol __tracepoint_module_load defined?
I saw it once in /proc/kallsyms, but now I can't find it.

bootlin.com/linux/ cannot find it, either.


Where is the kernel symbol __tracepoint_module_load defined ?

There is TRACE_EVENT macro, which eventually uses __DECLARE_TRACE, where you can see:

extern struct tracepoint __tracepoint_##name;

So we can find the appropriate TRACE_EVENT "call" for module_load in include/trace/events/module.h:


In /proc/kallsyms output D means that the symbol is in the initialized data section:

ffffffff91af5240 D __tracepoint_module_load

P.S. In case of preprocessor magic elixir.bootlin.com is not so useful. To make a real investigation just clone Linux kernel or download the appropriate sources from pub.

  • OK thanks. That was difficult. Also, do you know what options the Kernel needs to be built with, in order for the __tracepoint_module_load symbol to become exported to /proc/kallsyms ? I noticed that CONFIG_MODULES is needed...but what else ? Are CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL and CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS needed, too ? – George Robinson Dec 11 '19 at 23:32

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