I am trying to make a unique claim in WSO2 IS management console. But cannot find any way to do that.

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The current claim management implementation doesn't support having unique constraint for the claim values

But you can customize the user store to achieve this. You can refer to this documentation for more information about the customization. You need to override the setUserClaimValue and setUserClaimValues and check for the existence of the claim value before setting them.

For example, the customization for the setUserClaimValue has to be like following

public void setUserClaimValue(String userName, String claimURI, String claimValue, String profileName)
        throws UserStoreException {

    if (// ClaimURI which needs to be unique) {
        String[] userList = getUserList(claimURI, claimValue, profileName);
        if (userList.length > 0) {
             throw new UserStoreException("Unique constraint violation for " + claimURI);
    super.setUserClaimValue(userName, claimURI, claimValue, profileName);

Your requirement should be having unique email to each user that logs in.If it is the requirement I suggest you to configure identity server email as user name.


  • yes i can do that by setting it as username but i want two unique things email and mobile............how do i make them both unique??? – Aman Prakash Dec 10 '19 at 7:13
  • This can be achieved by configuring Authenticate using multiple attributes in WSO2 Identity Server. Please refer this blog post medium.com/@milindawickramasinghe/… – Buddhima Udaranga Dec 10 '19 at 7:59

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