So I've set up some roles/permissions in my site and when testing pages that the current user does not have permission to view they get redirected to the Login page but instead I want an error message/page saying they are forbidden from viewing that page.

I've tried the solution in : Asp.Net Boilerplate .Net Core 2.0 AbpAuthorizationFilter - ChallengeResult / Unauthorized but that does not seem to have done anything.

Any suggestions would be great.


You can change this behavior in auth-route-guard.ts that is in angular/src/shared/auth/auth-route-guard.ts

AppRouteGuard intercepts all routes, here's the file

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { PermissionCheckerService } from 'node_modules/abp-ng2-module/dist/src/auth/permission-checker.service';
import { AppSessionService } from '../session/app-session.service';

import {
    CanActivate, Router,
} from '@angular/router';
import { AlertasHelper } from '../helpers/alertas-helper';

export class AppRouteGuard implements CanActivate, CanActivateChild {

        private _permissionChecker: PermissionCheckerService,
        private _router: Router,
        private _sessionService: AppSessionService,
    ) { }

    canActivate(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot): boolean {

        if (!this._sessionService.user) {
            return false;

        if (!route.data || !route.data['permission']) {
            return true;

        if (this._permissionChecker.isGranted(route.data['permission'])) {
            return true;

        return false;

    canActivateChild(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot): boolean {
        return this.canActivate(route, state);

    selectBestRoute(): string {
        if (!this._sessionService.user) {
            return '/account/login';

        if (this._permissionChecker.isGranted('Pages.Users')) {
            return '/app/admin/users';

        AlertasHelper.show('Usuario no tiene autorización', 'Sin autorización');
        return '/dashboard/analytics';

As you can see, you have the selectBestRoute() method if a user is not autorized to see the page you can set there the message or the page you want to show

see this

 if (!this._sessionService.user) {
     return '/account/login';

if _sessionService.user is undefinied then will return to /account/login.

selectBestRoute() method is called from canActivate() method which is specified on your routes

Here is an example

    path: 'country',
    data: { permission: 'Aplicacion.Generales.Country' },
    canActivate: [AppRouteGuard],
    loadChildren: () => import('./country/country.module').then(module => module.CountryModule)

Before CountryModule is called will be verified on [AppRouteGuard]

I hope it could help you.

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