I am migrating the calendar components to the new Materials library, MaterialDatePicker, however I am having problems in doing something as simple as changing the name of the confirm button texts

Previously enough with this

datePickerDialog.setButton(DatePickerDialog.BUTTON_POSITIVE, getString(R.string.save), datePickerDialog)

But now I can't find any public method

val picker = Builder.datePicker()
            picker.addOnPositiveButtonClickListener { selection: Long ->
                accountDetailsPresenter.editDate(selection, transaction, product, "")
picker.show(childFragmentManager, picker.toString())

Currently (1.1.0-beta02 and 1.2.0-alpha02) you can't do it programmatically.

However you can override the existing strings in your project, but this workaround can stop to run in the next releases.

For the confirm and the cancel buttons put in your projects these strings:

  <string name="mtrl_picker_confirm" description="Button text to indicate that the widget will save the user's selection [CHAR_LIMIT=16]">.....</string>
  <string name="mtrl_picker_cancel" description="Button text to indicate that the widget will ignore the user's selection [CHAR_LIMIT=16]" translatable="false">...</string>

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There is a workaround to set button text programmatically and most important NOT for the entire project.

  1. Create your date picker

         val picker : MaterialDatePicker<*> = MaterialDatePicker.Builder.datePicker().build()
  2. Find a positive or negative button by its id.

         picker?.view?.findViewById<Button>(com.google.android.material.R.id.confirm_button)?.text =
             "Your text here"
         picker?.view?.findViewById<Button>(com.google.android.material.R.id.cancel_button)?.text =
             "Your text here"

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