I like the django admin very much.

You only need to configure it. Making the admin site available for some models hardly "software development".

I would call it "from coding to configuring". But that's not a term.

How is the general term? A well-known term which has an explanation at wikipedia or in a book would be nice.

I tried Scaffolding, but I think this is not the right term, since no code gets generated.


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One might call such approach a "Parameterized Programming".



In my opinion it's just good OOP design combined with a good meta-programming design.

First, a Model defines what is possible and how one should achieve that. Having this structured way of thinking about models enables one to create a set of base classes to represent common actions on said objects.

Combined with another set of good base classes in the form of Django viewsets allows one to translate all this to HTTP.

Please note the admin matured on the course of almost (over?) a decade now. In 2009 there was a lot more of boilerplate needed. It was "just" a process of removing it.

Please note the Django Rest Framework takes this idea and expands it so good that all of CRUD API design can be called "coding by configuration".

  • "coding by configuration" that term matches. Thank you. Unfortunately if I search for "coding by configuration" I mostly get results for "Convention over configuration".
    – guettli
    Dec 18, 2019 at 8:12
  • @guettli "Parameterized Programming"? dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2283189 Dec 19, 2019 at 10:51
  • 1
    "Parameterized Programming" sounds like a valid answer. Please write it as answer, then I can up-vote it.
    – guettli
    Dec 19, 2019 at 11:20

Something that you see so rarely, it doesn't have a generic term?

I'd call it extreme general-purpose coding. Something that tries to be as generally useful as possible, so a thousand users with a thousand disparate applications don't have to write a thousand different codes. Instead, they just declare what they want.

Every programmer sooner or later learns that you never do price = list_price * 0.9, you do price = list_price * (( 100.0 - DISCOUNT_PERCENT) / 100.0 ), and that at a later date you'll be querying DISCOUNT_PERCENT out of the database based on the customer ... Django-admin is that approach taken to the N'th degree.


Can't think how you get to a generic noun phrase from here, but Django's own slogan is worth mentioning in this context.

Django -- the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

[Edit 2]

"Metaprogramming done right "?


How about WYSIWYG? I know it's not strictly correct as this isn't a graphical display. But based on your question of configuration over coding. It's very similar in that with WYSIWYG you only select what you want rather than write code for it.

As other comments and answers have provided, there seems to be no one term for this. I agree completely with Krzysztof's answer too. I think the correct answer is not established here, but instead is a mix of ideas.

I think in essence it comes down to quite simply "Good Design"!

  • According to wikipedia "WYSIWYG implies a user interface that allows the user to view something very similar to the end result—while the document is being created." I think WYSIWYG does not match here. And "Good Design" is a bit vague.
    – guettli
    Dec 19, 2019 at 10:35

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