A standard approach for translation using i18next usually involves loading all the translation files at once, as soon as the web app is loaded.


        fallbackLng: 'en',
        debug: false,

        keySeparator: false,

        interpolation: {
            escapeValue: false,
            formatSeparator: ','

        resources: {
            en: {
                translations: en
            ru: {
                translations: ru
            es: {
                translations: es

        ns: ['translations'],
        defaultNS: 'translations',

        react: {
            wait: true

I find this approach quite inefficient and would like to request translation files from the server as needed (i.e when the client switches the language). Unfortunately, I didn't find any reference to that in the official documentation but there certainly should be a way of accomplishing this.

Schema of what I want to achieve:

1) Web app loads along with only default translation file (e.g english.json)

2) If the user switches the language – let's say to Spanish – spanish.json is being loaded from the server and the whole translation is adjusted.

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From the API documentation for the .init() method's configuration options:

partialBundledLanguages — allows some resources to be set on initialization while others can be loaded using a backend connector

So, setting the option to true will achieve what you're aiming for.

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