I have a website API to send messages from Access 2010 VBA. When I press the command button, Internet Explorer opens and the message is sent.

However, for each message a separate tab opens and takes a while to send. My requirement is to send the message without opening Internet Explorer, if possible. Here's my code:

Function Send_Message()

    MemApiKey = "USL"
    MemMobNo = "03071913090"
    MemMasking = "APIKEY"
    MemBody = "This is Test Message"
    MemApiKey = "5b873e271974fdf9e3edd85c3dabd22f"

    With CodeContextObject
        Dim WebLink As String
        WebLink = "http://csms.voguetech.com.pk/api_sms/api.php?key=" & MemApiKey & "&receiver=" & MemMobNo & "&sender=" & MemMasking & "&msgdata=Paksuite1"

        Application.FollowHyperlink WebLink, , True

        WebLink = "http://csms.voguetech.com.pk/api_sms/api.php?key=" & MemApiKey & "&receiver=" & MemMobNo & "&sender=" & MemMasking & "&msgdata=Global Care2"

        Application.FollowHyperlink WebLink, , True

    End With
End Function

Is this possible?

  • Welcome to SO! Please take the tour and read How to Ask.What isCodeContextObject? Never used or declared! UseOption Expliciton top of every module to avoid that. – ComputerVersteher Dec 12 '19 at 16:09
  • 2
    @ComputerVersteher CodeContextObject is a Microsoft Access application object that is available in all contexts. – John Mo Dec 12 '19 at 16:20

I changed the code to the following based on feedback in the comments (removing the TRUE parameter):

strURL = "http://csms.voguetech.com.pk/api_sms/api.php?key=" & MemApiKey & "&receiver=" & MemMobNo & "&sender=" & MemMasking & "&msgdata=SSS Care Solutions"
Application.FollowHyperlink strURL, , False, False, , msoMethodPost

It is now working well.

  • Even you improved by avoiding new tabs, you use unnecessary parameters in FollowHyperlink (skip all but strUrl!) and using a Browser for a HttpGetRequest is waste of resources. There are specialized classes likeWinHttpRequest.5.1or XmlServerHttpthat use less resources. – ComputerVersteher Dec 12 '19 at 16:15

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