Does anyone know why you get the "blank depends on blank" in the terminal? Blank being names of files of course.

lab5b.adb:1:59: "Sorted_Hero_List (spec)" depends on "Hero_Handling (body)"
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    Show us the actual logs! If it’s a compiler problem compiling with -gnatl helps (you get a line-numbered listing with error messages in-line). However, depends on sounds more like a binding or linking problem. Again, show us the logs, by copy/paste, don’t try to interpret them. – Simon Wright Dec 12 '19 at 22:03
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    Looks like a circular dependency, but then the error message should contain more than one line... – egilhh Dec 13 '19 at 5:32

I’m guessing that the first line of lab5b.adb is something like

with Sorted_Hero_List;

and that Sorted_Hero_List is a generic instantiation of Hero_Handling, and that you’ve only provided the compiler with that spec (hero_handling.ads) and not the body (hero_handling.adb).

Or it could just be that Sorted_Hero_List "with"s Hero_Handling.

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