I was making getting stock data file and output was just

In Progress

what's the matter?

 import quandl
 from datetime import datetime as dt

    def get_stock_data(stock_ticker):
        print("In Progress")

        start_date = dt(2019, 1, 1)
        end_date = dt.now()

        quandl_api_key = "tJDGptkdfqwjYi123RVV"
        quandl.ApiConfig.api_key = quandl_api_key

        source = "WIKI/" + stock_ticker

        data = quandl.get(source, start_date=str(start_date), end_date=str(end_date))
        data = data[["Open", "High", "Low", "Volume", "Close"]].values


        return data
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    See this lovely debug blog for help. There are plenty of places where you should be tracing the data you fetched, to help determine where the problem lies. Insert a few useful print commands and include the output; this example should be less than half its present size, with a known point of error.
    – Prune
    Dec 13, 2019 at 2:23

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There's nothing wrong with your code. However recent stock data is a Premium product from Quandl and I presume you are just on the free subscription, hence your dataframe comes back empty. If you change the dates to 2017, you will get some results but that's as far as it goes on the free subscription it seems.

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