loss = keras.losses.categorical_crossentropy,
    optimizer = tf.keras.optimizers.Adam(),
    metrics = ['accuracy']

When I execute this line of code I am facing the error

module 'tensorflow' has no attribute 'log'

and my tensorflow version is 2.0

  • Can you post the complete code? Dec 13, 2019 at 6:06

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substitute tf.math.log for tf.log in tf 2.0.


If you know the exact line where tf.log is, replace it with tf.math.log.
if not, you can use this guide to Automatically upgrade code to TensorFlow 2


loss = tf.keras.losses.categorical_crossentropy

I also faced a similar issue then i called tensorflow with each Keras object and it resolved it


It is due to TensorFlow update. Just do this:

from tensorflow import keras

Then run your code

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