In my code I have write some trace message by using System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine, but where could I get the message? I have looked at event viewer but did not find.


Are you debugging? Look at the "Output" Tab (View -> Output, or Ctrl+Alt+O) on visual studio

If it's not outputting there, you need to add a listener.

Check the documentation here.

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    Note: For most projects the compiler flag TRACE should be on by default in Visual Studio. For ASP.Net you've got to have a compilers section in Web.config with compilerOptions="/d:TRACE". – user645280 Jul 30 '13 at 18:44
  • adding listener as in above "listener" link helped me + compilerOptions - it is just that i had to set autoflush="true" just to see it work in time – hello_earth Feb 24 at 11:01

Virtually, the key feature of Trace is that the trace messages are independent from the IDE basically. Because trace messages are also available in the release build, you can also get them, when the software was already shipped and/or you have no IDE in avail. You guessed right, there is a tool, which makes you see those messages apart from VS. If you are not debugging (i.e. no debug-console allocated in VS), you can see the trace messages with the tool Debugview running in parallel instead of Windows' EventViewer. It is also possible to write trace messages to a file by editing/creating a *.config file accompanying the assembly in question, which also records the history of messages.

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