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I have following tables:

-- table to keep articles titles
CREATE TABLE articles(id, title);
insert into articles (id,title) values (1,'sqlite example');
insert into articles (id,title) values (2,'sqlite query ');
insert into articles (id,title) values (3,'erlang example ');
insert into articles (id,title) values (3,'erlang otp ');

-- table to keep keywords that we would like to search.
create table keywords(id,keyword);
insert into keywords (id,keyword) values  (1,'sqlite');
insert into keywords (id,keyword) values  (2,'otp');

-- full text search table - copy of articles.

create virtual table articles_fts using fts4 (id,name);

-- populate table with articles titles.
insert into articles_fts(id,name) select id,title from articles;

Now I would like to find ALL articles that contains any of specified keywords.

Query like:

select * from articles_fts 
  where name match (select keyword from keywords);

returns only titles with sqlite in it (first keyword), so the other entries of keywords table are ignored.

Question: How could I find all articles that contains any of specified keywords? Thanks.

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select *
  from articles_fts
 WHERE articles_fts MATCH ( select group_concat(keyword, ' OR ')
                              from keywords
                             group by 'x' )

The group_concat function aggregates all keywords with a comma. If you replace commas with OR, it should produce a good FTS query.

Also see section 3 of the full text search feature reference regarding the OR keyword and the reference for aggregate functions.

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Looks like it does not work: 'Error: aggregate functions are not allowed in the GROUP BY clause', If I do it without GROUP BY 1', there are no error, but query returns no rows :( – Anton Prokofiev May 9 '11 at 8:09
@Anton Prokoiev: I use group by 1 as a constant and forgot that it is interpreted as a column reference, try group by 'x' instead – Benoit May 9 '11 at 9:22
Thanks it works. The only one remark: your query should look like: Select * from articles_fts where articles_fts MATCH (select group_concat (keyword,' OR ') from keywords group by 'x');. So ' OR ' should be UPPER CASE in other case it does not interred as an keyword :) – Anton Prokofiev May 9 '11 at 10:28

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