The below code is working only for reading all the objects from all the folders in bucket.

string bucketName = "testbucket";

// Explicitly use service account credentials by specifying the private key file.
// The service account should have Object Manage permissions for the bucket.
GoogleCredential credential = null;
using (var jsonStream = new FileStream("credentials.json", FileMode.Open,
    FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read))
    credential = GoogleCredential.FromStream(jsonStream);
var storageClient = StorageClient.Create(credential);

// List objects
foreach (var obj in storageClient.ListObjects(bucketName, ""))
    var fileStream = File.Create("Program-copy.xml");
    storageClient.DownloadObject(bucketName, obj.Name, fileStream);
  • As an aside, GoogleCredential credential = GoogleCredential.FromFile("credentials.json"); is a simpler way to load the credential file. We've tried to simplify things :) – Jon Skeet Dec 15 '19 at 9:07

You're currently specifying a prefix of "" which will indeed match all objects.

If you want to specify a folder of, say, "foo/bar", just specify a prefix of foo/bar/.

To make sure you don't retrieve items in subdirectories as well, you need to specify the Delimiter option. For example, you can use:

var options = new ListObjectsOptions { Delimiter = "/" };
var items = storageClient.ListObjects(bucketName, "foo/bar/", options);

If you want to include an item for the subdirectory, but not all the contents of that subdirectory, add IncludeTrailingDelimeter = true to the options.

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