I have been having issues registering HttpClient in my project. How can I do this?. I injected HttpClient in multiple classes and I need to register it to work for the multiple constructors.


It will have error for using container.Register<HttpClient>(); directly when I test.

System.ArgumentException: 'For the container to be able to create HttpClient it should have only one public constructor: it has 3

I find a workaround based on using below code:

container.Register<HttpClient>(()=>new HttpClient(),Lifestyle.Scoped);

based on Registering a type with multiple constructors and string dependency in Simple Injector

However, I advice that you use the built-in IHttpClientFactory in asp.net core:

The IHttpClientFactory can be registered by calling the services.AddHttpClient() in Startup.ConfigureServices method.



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    I agree with Xing Zou, don't inject HttpClient directly, but use IHttpClientFactory. This page shows how to integrate IHttpClientFactory in Simple injector. – Steven Dec 17 '19 at 7:42

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