I'm attempting to register a View Composer for the Laravel Backpack libraries dashboard template, which is located at resources/views/vendor/backpack/base/dashboard.blade.php within my project.

I'm doing so via

   'vendor.backpack.base.dashboard', 'App\Http\View\Composers\DashboardComposer'

I know that the Composer is working correctly, because if I change the template to

   '*', 'App\Http\View\Composers\DashboardComposer'

the dashboard page loads correctly with the variable I'm setting in the composer.

I've tested to see if the view reference is correct by using

if (View::exists('vendor.backpack.base.dashboard')) {

which returns successfully.

I'm registering my provider, App\Providers\ViewServiceProvider::class, within the config as the very last provider.

Does anyone know why my composer won't attach to the dashboard view?

  • Is the variable you're trying to load not being added to the view or are you getting an error message? – Alec Joy Dec 17 '19 at 15:06
  • I set a break point in the compose() method. When I use '*' the method gets called. When I reference the dashboard template it doesn't. – James Parker Dec 17 '19 at 15:08

Backpack namespaces their views. You can try defining the composer for the namespaced version of the view:

View::composer('backpack::dashboard', ...);

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