I know how to remove ^M in my files (%s/^M//g), but this one is just one line I'd like to replace ^M with enter... what's the enter character in VIM (to use in commnad-line mode).


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To replace carriage return character (which is <C-m>) with line feed character (which is unix line break character) you should run a bit strange command:


It looks like if it is doing nothing, but in regular expressions and double-quoted strings carriage returns are represented using \r and line feeds with \n, while in the replacement part of :s command and substitute() function they mean the opposite.

Note that in terminal Enter produces <C-m>, so your initial request is not valid.

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    great; I read this to better understand \n and \r when searching and replacing with vim Nov 29, 2016 at 21:23
  • if you are running this in vim script then it is exec "%s/\r/\r/g"
    – phyatt
    Dec 19, 2016 at 19:59

:%s/\r//g only works when:

  • set ff=unix, which when done, automatically converts all CRLF to LF

  • set ff=dos and CR is a rogue char that is not preceded by LF, e.g., inserted with C-V C-M.

    CR in LF CR pairs will not be found.

Therefore, if all you want is to convert every LF CR to LF, you should use:

:set ff=unix

You can replace one character using r<CR> in normal mode.
Or you can enter a "return" in command line mode by typing <C-v><CR>.


In vim session try:


Where ^M is achieved by ctrl+V+M keystrokes together.

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    Technically it is two separate keystrokes. Anything after a <C-v> will be inserted literally.
    – mike3996
    May 9, 2011 at 15:54
  • Thanks, but I knew how to do that, for one odd reason this file only includes ^M no return after that, so I had to do :%s/^M/^M/g where the last ^M is the actual return.
    – igorgue
    May 9, 2011 at 15:54

Similar to @ZyX and @anubhava, but assuming you're simply trying to remove the pesky carriage returns from a windows file, the following will suffice:


LF: Line Feed

CRLF: Carriage Return and Line Feed

^M : What vim interpretes Carriage Return part as. You can also search it with \r

For my case I wanted not to replace it with any other format of line break (LF or etc.) but just period and whitespace (. ). Because what supposed to be was a new sentence but somehow carriage return involved in. Probably user typo.


I'll be there^M
We can talk.


I'll be there. We can talk.

What helped me is:




(there's a whitespace in the end)

Both worked fine for me. \r\n easier to type.

Ctrl+M , Ctrl+V to insert ^M

(CentOS Linux 7.2)

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