I am trying to achieve a board that enables real-time editing for cooperating users. I am running a parse server using Sashido, where I have LiveQueries enabled for among other things 'Sticky'. For the frontend I have the following code:

const query = new Parse.Query(Sticky);
... some query constraints

this.subscription = await query.subscribe();

this.subscription.on('open', () => {
   console.log('SUBSCRIPTION: opened');

this.subscription.on('create', (sticky) => {
   console.log('SUBSCRIPTION: created');

this.subscription.on('update', (sticky) => {
   console.log('SUBSCRIPTION: updated');

this.subscription.on('enter', (sticky) => {
   console.log('SUBSCRIPTION: entered');

this.stickies = await query.find();

When I open my application in two different browser tabs, I get the 'SUBSCRIPTION: opened'. When I edit or create Sticky instances, I expect to get the corresponding events and see changes in the Sashido database.

However, I always see the changes in the database, but half of the times when I create or edit Sticky instances, I do not get the update/create/enter events. Note: Sometimes they do get triggered, but I have not found a sequence of events that leads to them being triggered or not, it seems to happen at random.

Can someone see what I'm doing wrong?

  • It looks like some issue with your Parse Server setup. You should open a ticket in your hosting provider. – Davi Macêdo Dec 20 '19 at 19:07

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