I'm having a Power BI report which is based on data from Clockify. So far I had to download the detailed report from clockify in order to be able to see up to date data in Power BI. I would like to get rid of this manual step and directly connect to the data stored in Clockify using the API.

I'm currently loading with following M code:

    Query1 = let
Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents("https://api.clockify.me/api/workspaces/",
messages = Source[messages]

This leads to a Record in Power Query which I can then turn into a table

But when I expand the table, I only get information about my Clockify Workspace but not the recorded hours. I would like to have all information in the detailed report available directly in Power BI. Hope somebody can help. Cheers!


I replicated your query and I don't think that the endpoint you're hitting has the information you want. You'll have to search for it in the API documentation.

Anyways, here is the M code for expanding everything in that endpoint, see if it has something useful:

    Query1 = 
        Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents("https://api.clockify.me/api/workspaces/",
        #"Converted to Table" = Table.FromList(Source, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), null, null, ExtraValues.Error),
        #"Expanded Column1" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"Converted to Table", "Column1", {"id", "name", "hourlyRate", "memberships", "workspaceSettings"}, {"id", "name", "hourlyRate", "memberships", "workspaceSettings"}),
        #"Expanded workspaceSettings" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"Expanded Column1", "workspaceSettings", {"timeRoundingInReports", "onlyAdminsSeeBillableRates", "onlyAdminsCreateProject", "onlyAdminsSeeDashboard", "defaultBillableProjects", "isProjectPublicByDefault", "lockTimeEntries", "round", "projectFavorites", "canSeeTimeSheet", "projectPickerSpecialFilter", "forceProjects", "forceTasks", "forceTags", "forceDescription", "onlyAdminsSeeAllTimeEntries", "onlyAdminsSeePublicProjectsEntries", "trackTimeDownToSecond", "projectGroupingLabel", "adminOnlyPages", "automaticLock", "onlyAdminsCreateTag"}, {"timeRoundingInReports", "onlyAdminsSeeBillableRates", "onlyAdminsCreateProject", "onlyAdminsSeeDashboard", "defaultBillableProjects", "isProjectPublicByDefault", "lockTimeEntries", "round", "projectFavorites", "canSeeTimeSheet", "projectPickerSpecialFilter", "forceProjects", "forceTasks", "forceTags", "forceDescription", "onlyAdminsSeeAllTimeEntries", "onlyAdminsSeePublicProjectsEntries", "trackTimeDownToSecond", "projectGroupingLabel", "adminOnlyPages", "automaticLock", "onlyAdminsCreateTag"}),
        #"Expanded memberships" = Table.ExpandListColumn(#"Expanded workspaceSettings", "memberships"),
        #"Expanded memberships1" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"Expanded memberships", "memberships", {"userId", "hourlyRate", "targetId", "membershipType", "membershipStatus"}, {"userId", "hourlyRate.1", "targetId", "membershipType", "membershipStatus"}),
        #"Expanded hourlyRate" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"Expanded memberships1", "hourlyRate", {"amount", "currency"}, {"amount", "currency"}),
        #"Expanded round" = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(#"Expanded hourlyRate", "round", {"round", "minutes"}, {"round.1", "minutes"}),
        #"Expanded adminOnlyPages" = Table.ExpandListColumn(#"Expanded round", "adminOnlyPages")
        #"Expanded adminOnlyPages"

If you are not using Postman and Fiddler, I recommend it for testing the endpoints and check the responses.

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    Thanks for that. Unfortunately this still doesn't load the single time entries – Pici Dec 20 '19 at 13:35
  • yes it absolutely is another endpoint but I don't know how to access it. I reckon that i should go for this endpoint here: clockify.github.io/clockify_api_docs/#tag-Report. I simply don't know how to add this to the query – Pici Feb 5 '20 at 20:04
  • You can follow the pattern in my answer. The only differences are the query parameters that you need in that endpoint, which you add like: [Headers=[#"x-api-key"="YOUR-API-KEY"], query=[end="x", start="y", zoomLevel="z"]]. If you don't know where is the data you want, maybe try with Postman before trying with Power Query. – Dreekun Feb 6 '20 at 11:15

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