I am facing problem in export xlsx format using spout library. I don't know where is the issue in my code. I don't know much about spout library. I have tried many times but the same error occurs again and again when I tried opening the exported excel file in live server (CentOs) . Please guide me where is the issue.

#!/usr/bin/php -q
    require_once 'spout-3.1.0/src/Spout/Autoloader/autoload.php';
    use Box\Spout\Writer\Common\Creator\WriterEntityFactory;
    use Box\Spout\Writer\Common\Creator\Style\StyleBuilder;
    use Box\Spout\Common\Entity\Style\CellAlignment;
    use Box\Spout\Common\Entity\Style\Color;
    $columnHeaders = array("Category",
            "Sub Category",
            "Online Retailer",
    $writer = WriterEntityFactory::createXLSXWriter();

    /** Create a style with the StyleBuilder */
    $style = (new StyleBuilder())

    /** Create a row with cells and apply the style to all cells */
    $row = WriterEntityFactory::createRowFromArray($columnHeaders, $style);

    /** Add the row to the writer */

But the same code is perfectly creating the excel file in my xampp local environment (My PC)

  • You did not specify what the error is. Hard to help without this. – Adrien Dec 20 '19 at 8:51

use $writer->openToBrowser('test.xlsx');


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