I am using gravity form plugin into my wordpress site. Today I have received a query which contain these #file_links["C:\Frazes.txt",1,N]: #file_links["C:\Links.txt",1,N] lines into the email.

I have apply all the validation into my contact form.

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I also receive similar queries regularly via my WordPress forms (I use wpforms). After a bit of research, these seem to be an attempt by a spammer to use the GSA software development kit (see their manual here) in order to generate a spam response to your form. However, in such cases the spammer didn't configure their spam macro correctly and therefore you see the spam macro (e.g. #file_links) instead of the actual spam content that would've been generated by that macro. You (and I!) should configure a good captcha in each form in order to block most of this spam. Cheers.


The best way I've found to block these is to use the BSK Gravity Forms Blacklist plugin. You can prevent submit of your form if the any of the fields contain the query, by creating a blacklist that checks any of the following items: Frazes.txt, #file_links, #file_links["C:\Frazes.txt",1,N]: #file_links["C:\Links.txt",1,N. Once you've created the blacklist, apply it to the email field (or any other field) in your form, make sure to choose the case-insensitive contains comparison. Hope this helps!

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