I've a form as

<form  onSubmit="return disableForm(this);" action="upload.php" method="post" name="f" id="wizecho" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <input type="file" name="file" />
    <button onClick="return disableForm(this),ajaxUpload(this.form,'wizecho_upload.php', '&lt;br&gt;Uploading image please wait.....&lt;br&gt;'); return false;">
        Upload Image

It is to upload an image.

Here I need to click on the button to upload the image and I've to use onClick event. I want to remove the upload button and as soon as the file is selected at the input, I want to fire the event. How do I do that??


Use the change event on the file input.

         //submit the form here
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    and what happens when you submit the form asynchronously, don't navigate away from the page, then attempt to upload the same file again? This code will only execute once, the second time, selecting the same file will not execute a change event Mar 13 '14 at 15:11
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    @ChristopherThomas' objection is exactly why I'm here, and luckily there is a much-undervoted response below that solves it, years later: stackoverflow.com/a/40581284/4526479
    – Kyle Baker
    Mar 3 '17 at 14:54
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    change event doesn't trigger when I select the same file again. Any other way which can work every time? Dec 21 '17 at 13:07
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    @Tᴀʀᴇǫ Mᴀʜᴍᴏᴏᴅ See comment just above yours. Dec 22 '17 at 14:01
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    The fact that the answer doesn't use pure javascript is just wrong Jun 26 '18 at 8:36

You could subscribe for the onchange event on the input field:

<input type="file" id="file" name="file" />

and then:

document.getElementById('file').onchange = function() {
    // fire the upload here

This is an older question that needs a newer answer that will address @Christopher Thomas's concern above in the accept answer's comments. If you don't navigate away from the page and then select the file a second time, you need to clear the value when you click or do a touchstart(for mobile). The below will work even when you navigate away from the page and uses jquery:

//the HTML
<input type="file" id="file" name="file" />

//the JavaScript

/*resets the value to address navigating away from the page 
and choosing to upload the same file */ 

$('#file').on('click touchstart' , function(){

//Trigger now when you have selected any file 
$("#file").change(function(e) {
    //do whatever you want here
  • Is this cross-browser compatible? Looks like it's just using val(''), which doesn't work in most browsers. Apr 28 '17 at 19:04
  • Which browser doesn't it work on that you tried? Try cloning the object with itself it if it is still an issue for you. Jun 12 '17 at 4:56
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    My issue was using element.setAttribute("value", "") If you are not using jQuery you need to use element.value = "" to get the file element to really clear properly.
    – Phil
    Nov 7 '17 at 9:44

Do whatever you want to do after the file loads successfully.just after the completion of your file processing set the value of file control to blank string.so the .change() will always be called even the file name changes or not. like for example you can do this thing and worked for me like charm

  $('#myFile').change(function () {
    LoadFile("myFile");//function to do processing of file.
    $('#myFile').val('');// set the value to empty of myfile control.

Solution for vue users, solving problem when you upload same file multiple times and @change event is not triggering:

  methods: {
    onClick() {
       this.$refs.fileInput.value = ''
       // further logic for file...
  • <input type="file" @change="onFileChange" class="input upload-input" ref="inputFile"/> self.$refs.inputFile.value = '' Jul 16 '20 at 8:32

vanilla js using es6

document.querySelector('input[name="file"]').addEventListener('change', (e) => {
 const file = e.target.files[0];
  // todo: use file pointer
<input id="fusk" type="file" name="upload" style="display: none;"
    onChange=" document.getElementById('myForm').submit();"
<input type="file" @change="onFileChange" class="input upload-input" ref="inputFile"/>

onFileChange(e) {
    //upload file and then delete it from input 
    self.$refs.inputFile.value = ''
  • While this code may provide a solution to the question, it's better to add context as to why/how it works. This can help future users learn and eventually apply that knowledge to their own code. You are also likely to have positive feedback/upvotes from users, when the code is explained.
    – Syscall
    Feb 28 '21 at 11:34

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