<ckeditor [(ngModel)]="editorData" [editor]="Editor"></ckeditor>

How can i get the value of text inputted from ckeditor using ngmodel from html to component. I am using angular 8 and ckeditor 5


With ngModel

You'll already have the data in your component with 2-way binding. So the editorData property will have the most up-to-date value.

ckeditor ngModel

With change event

You can use the (change) event from the editor.

<ckeditor [editor]="Editor" (change)="onChange($event)"></ckeditor>
import { ChangeEvent } from '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-angular/ckeditor.component';

@Component( {
    // ...
} )
export class MyComponent {
    public onChange( { editor }: ChangeEvent ) {
        const data = editor.getData();

        console.log( data );

ckeditor change

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