Is it ok to have message like this?

message A {
  required int64 some_number = 1;
  // .... some more fields
  optional A sub_a = 123;

The reason is my current protocol stores set of A directly, and wrapping A's in another message will lead to massive conversions of stored data.

2.2.0 protoc compiles it ok. Can this make any problems with serialization/deserialization, and is it supported by protobuf-net.


That is a perfectly fine definition, and should work in any implementation (including protobuf-net); are you seeing any problem? HOWEVER! you might want to consider the computational impact of serialization - in particular, to serialize a sub-message, the size of the sub-messages needs to be known first. A deeply recursive method (as necessitated by this linked-list) may cause some issues.

Is there any reason this can't be just a repeated message instead? that would by far be my preference.

  • current protocol is sending and storing A messages, not wrapper B with repeated A field. Changing protocol is much more work then just adding field to A. e.g. in B case i will need to convert all stored data to new message types or support both A and B messages. – float_dublin May 10 '11 at 8:51

I don't know about protobuf-net, but it should be absolutely fine. I suspect that if it doesn't work in protobuf-net, Marc would count that as a bug, and fix it... that's certainly the attitude I'd take in my C# port :)

(Realistically, I can't easily see how it would be a problem... it's not like messages are going to be represented by structs, where the recursion would be an issue.)

It should be pretty easy to test - I suggest you give it a try with a small message, and see if you run into any problems. All you've really got to do is create a message and test whether you can serialize and deserialize it correctly, possibly between different platforms.

EDIT: Obviously you need to make sure there are no actual cycles in terms of the messages themselves...

  • i tested it with google's implementation, not protobuf-net side which i don't have much access to. – float_dublin May 10 '11 at 8:48
  • @float_dublin: Surely if you're going to use protobuf-net, you should have access to it shouldn't you? – Jon Skeet May 10 '11 at 8:48
  • i publish proto files and some docs to describe byte level protocol. protobuf-net side is made not by me. And adding new features without breaking old versions of software is the best thing i like about protobuf. – float_dublin May 10 '11 at 9:04

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