I have setup an environment with WSO2 Identity Server(wso2is-km-5.9.0) on Node 1 and WSO2 Api Manager(wso2am-3.0.0) on Node 2 where Node 1 serves all token related requests. And my aim is to acheive SSO between all service providers that I on-board to this setup, but in WSO2 API manager(3.0.0) the publisher and devportal are by default SAML integrated with API- manager. How do I change SSO login of Devportal and Publisher from API-manager to Identity-Server, as the Publisher and Devportal are now using token issued by API-manager and the Service Providers are using token issued by Identity server, therefore SSO is not happening between these entities.


To achieve SSO between saml apps in APIM, you can configure IS as a federated IDP in APIM and do SSO with Identity Server.

Please refer to this document to configure Identity Server as an IDP for SSO https://apim.docs.wso2.com/en/latest/Learn/Extensions/SAML2SSO/configuring-identity-server-as-idp-for-sso/

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