I have a service definition as follows:

  "requiredHandlers": [

There is a policy for /login flows where we can enable:



so than if I successfully authenticated in one of the above it works. But if I call /ticket endpoint directly (via enabling CAS REST) than I get an exception. (Exception is too generic -> The application you attempted to authenticate to is not authorized to use CAS... Instead I will show where it thrown )

When I look at line from CAS Source

val matchesAll = assertedHandlers.containsAll(registeredService.getRequiredHandlers());
                if (!matchesAll) {
                    throw new UnauthorizedServiceException(UnauthorizedServiceException.CODE_UNAUTHZ_SERVICE, StringUtils.EMPTY);

It tries to check every handler that registered, in the TGT's successful handlers which I don't want.

assertedHandlers -> FooAuthHandler
registeredService.getRequiredHandlers -> FooAuthHandler + BarAuthHandler

exception is thrown.

I check the source code and could not find a configuration to make it the same behavior with /login flow which I describe above (for any match). Am I missing something, how can I achieve this via /ticket endpoint?

CAS version: 6.0

CAS config:


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