I'm trying to copy task1.zip from my desktop /Users/myname/desktop if I pwd, to a remote server. I'm connected to the remote server via ssh. I would like to copy the file to /its/home/jt463/task1(pwd path from the directory) on the remote server.

I have used the command below in the terminal when I'm connected to the server via ssh and tried it on the terminal on my machine:

scp Users/myname/desktop/task1.zip [email protected]:its/home/username/task1

Error that I get when I try to use the terminal that's connected to the remote server:

Users/jonatantibarovsky/desktop/task1.zip: No such file or directory

Error that I get when I try to use my local terminal:

ssh: connect to host inf900179.inf.susx.ac.uk port 22: Operation timed out lost connection

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First scp to the intermediate server, using your credentials. Then, you should be able to scp from that server to the target.


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