I would like to build creation object form using CreateView class , but when using it i don't have much customization ,at least i don't know how

html code

    <form action="" method="POST">
    {% csrf_token %}

    {{ form.as_p}}

I know i can add some bootstrap class like

    from django.forms import TextInput, Textarea

class MyForm(modelForm):
    class Meta:
        widgets = {
            "name": TextInput({"class": "form-control"}),
            "comment": Textarea({"data-validation": "validate"}),

But i don't know hot do more "complex" staff like input-group-prepend with icon and get eventually form similar to image attached in example [form example1

Please advice



You can make use of django-widget-tweaks. Just render the field manually one by one in the structure that you want. Also you can render fields manually without widget-tweaks you will have to add attributes using javascript or jquery and css.

You can find the classes easily using the inspect tool in the browser.

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