I have two activities MainActivity.java, MainActivity2.java and an accessibility service MyService.java. From MainActivity.java, I start the Accessibility Settings Activity using the following code:

Intent intentStartSettingActivity = new Intent(Settings.ACTION_ACCESSIBILITY_SETTINGS);

From the settings activity, the user can turn on the accessibility service for the application. Now, when the user enables the accessibility permission, I want to start a new activity MainActivity2.java but the problem is when I am enabling the accessibility permission, the activity MainActivity2.java is not displayed. For starting second activity I am using the following code in MyService.java:

    protected void onServiceConnected() {
        Intent intentStartMainActivity2 = new Intent(this,MainActivity2.class);

When I am viewing the Logcat its showing as:

2019-12-26 21:53:41.249 23580-23580/com.example.tatkal I/Timeline: Timeline: Activity_launch_request time:68381132 intent:Intent { flg=0x10000000 cmp=com.example.tatkal/.MainActivity2 }

This means that the service is connecting properly but I don't know why the activity is not being displayed.

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